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Laboratory Remodel Kimberly ID

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Program Summary
Title: Laboratory Remodel Kimberly ID
SBContract Opps ID: NBD00159886228196129
Document Type: Combined Synopsis/Solicitation (Updated)
State: Idaho
FSC Code:
NAICS Code: 236220 - Commercial and Institutional Building Construction
Set Aside: Total Small Business Set-Aside (FAR 19.5)
Solicitation No.: 12905B21Q0007
Source: Members Only
Place of
Kimberly , ID 83341
Posted Date:
Mar 02, 2021
Last Update: Mar 02, 2021
Due Date: Mar 03, 2021

Point of Contact
, , Phone: Fax:

Laboratory Remodel Kimberly ID
Contract Opportunity
Notice ID
Related Notice
Department/Ind. Agency
General Information View Changes
  • Contract Opportunity Type: Combined Synopsis/Solicitation (Updated)
  • All Dates/Times are: (UTC-05:00) EASTERN STANDARD TIME, NEW YORK, USA
  • Updated Published Date: Mar 01, 2021 06:10 pm EST
  • Original Published Date: Feb 02, 2021 07:45 pm EST
  • Updated Date Offers Due: Mar 03, 2021 04:00 pm EST
  • Original Date Offers Due: Mar 03, 2021 04:00 pm EST
  • Inactive Policy: 15 days after date offers due
  • Updated Inactive Date: Mar 18, 2021
  • Original Inactive Date: Mar 18, 2021
  • Initiative:
    • None
  • Original Set Aside: Total Small Business Set-Aside (FAR 19.5)
  • NAICS Code: 236220 - Commercial and Institutional Building Construction
  • Place of Performance:
    Kimberly , ID 83341
Description View Changes



    1. Project Number: 12905B21Q0007

    1. Project Title: REMODEL LABS 122 & 118, BLDG 1


3793 N. 3600 E. KIMBERLY, ID


    1. CONTRACTING OFFICER (CO): Robert Risch

Email: rob.risch@usda.gov Tel. No.: 510-559-6309


Dave Bjorneberg


3793 N.3600 E., Kimberly, ID 83341-5076

Email: dave.bjornberg@usda.gov Tel. No.: 208-423-6521


Kara Vander Linden


3793 N.3600 E., Kimberly, ID 83341-5076

Email: kara.vanderlinden@usda.gov Tel. No.: 208-423-6566


Shane Swafford


3793 N.3600 E., Kimberly, ID 83341-5076

Email: shane.swafford@usda.gov Tel. No.: 208-423-6579


Ken Cushman


800 Buchanan Street Albany, CA 94710

Email: ken.cushman@usda.gov Tel. No.: 510-529-5921


Victor Cai


800 Buchanan St. Albany, CA 94710

Email: victor.cai@usda.gov Tel. No.: 510-559-6315


The Contractor shall provide all professional services necessary for the accomplishment of the contract project and such required services shall be in accordance with requirements as described herein.

  1. The Contractor shall provide services for the following tasks marked by an ¡°X¡±:

[X] Provide a cost proposal and a technical proposal to complete the project as per project requirements.

[X] Provide and install all material to complete the project as per project requirements.


The Contractor shall remodel Laboratory 122 (Base) and Laboratory 118 (Option) as described in Section 4.2.

The contractor shall replace all existing valves and pipes for water, sewer, vacuum, compressed air and gas. Location of new fixtures explained in Section 4.2. Use ABS pipe to replace all drain pipes to the first fitting inside wall. Clear all cleanouts if a cleanout is accessible. Snake all drains.

The contractor shall provide and install the following casework according to Section 4.2:

    • Base cabinets:
      • LOC Scientific or equivalent
      • Color: Beige
      • Material: Metal
      • Standing height: 35 in
      • Cabinet depth: 22-inch deep with 7-inch space from the wall for utilities.
      • Removable backs on cabinets.
      • Countertop: Black epoxy resin, 30-inch deep with 4-inch backsplash.
      • Flush drawer and door pulls.
    • Wall cabinets:
      • LOC Scientific or equivalent
      • Color: Beige
      • Material: Metal
      • Cabinet height: 48 in on East wall of Lab 118, East and South walls of Lab 122. 36 in on South wall of Lab 118 and North wall of Lab 122.
      • Cabinet depth: 16 in
      • Sliding glass doors and adjustable shelves.
      • Installed approximately 21 in above the countertop.

  1. The Contractor will work with site personnel to ensure project is accomplished in a timely manner.
  2. The Contractor¡¯s work shall adhere to the criteria stated within these project requirements, drawings, and specifications. All construction shall comply with applicable federal, state, and local code requirements as well as current industry standards, (i.e., EPA, ASTM, GSA, AASHTO, etc.) and health and safety codes, in effect at the time of contract award.
  3. All work to meet all pertinent Unified Facilities Guide Specifications (UFGS) and ARS 242.1M standards. UFGS available at http://www.wbdg.org/ffc/dod/unified-facilities-guide-specifications-ufgs. ARS 242.1M available at https://www.afm.ars.usda.gov/ppweb/pps-and-manuals/.
  4. This project falls under the DAVIS BACON Wage Act.

4.1 Background & Site Description:

The project site is located at the Northwest Irrigation & Soils Research Lab in Kimberly, ID.

In 2016, laboratory 122 interior was demolished. Walls were refinished and painted, floor tile replaced, new LED lights installed, and electrical raceway installed for outlets above the countertop. Laboratory 122 is currently used as a dry lab with movable tables.

A door was installed between laboratories 118 and 122. Cabinets on the west wall of laboratory 118 were removed and a new fume hood was installed.

The following were installed in laboratory 122:

Paint colors:

  • Walls - Federal Standard 595 ? Color Code 27855 (available at a local hardware store in Kimberly, ID);
  • Doors and Door Frames - Federal Standard 595 ? Color code 17855 (Kwal Paint, Color Name - 509-04, Tinting Number ? 3220, semi-gloss, interior/exterior Acylic Enamel).

Floor tile: Tarkett, Johnsonite, Azterra tile (VET) #124, Cobaltile.

Electrical raceway: WireMold, prewired, 3000 series.

LED lighting: LBL LED surface-mount wraparound from Lithonia Lighting.

4.2 Bid Schedule:

Item Description

Base Item: Provide materials, labor, equipment to remodel Laboratory 122

Vacuum/Compressed air/Gas

  1. West Wall
    • Remove all existing pipes and valves. Install ball valves where vacuum, compressed air and gas pipes enter room through the floor (qty: 3).
  2. East Wall
    • Replace all pipes and valves and install ball valves (qty: 3) from where the pipes enter through the floor. Provide and install vacuum/compressed air/gas pipes and valves at three locations on the counter on East wall (two corners and one at the existing middle location) (qty: 9). Twelve valves total.

Base cabinets and wall cabinets.

  1. Figure 1 is a schematic of sinks and cabinets. Use standard size cabinets.
  2. Provide and install approximately two thirds of the base cabinets will have drawers with a variety of drawer sizes, mostly continuous drawers. Remaining third of the base cabinets will have doors and adjustable shelves.
  3. Provide and install corner tables, similar to Figure 2, rather than base cabinets in NE and SE corners. Include corner wall cabinets with hinged doors in NE and SE corners.
  4. East wall
    • Provide and install base cabinets from corner table to corner table with smaller sink (approximately 16 in x 16 in x 8 in deep) at existing drain. Wall cabinets on the entire wall, even above the sink.
    • Sink shall have mixing water faucet and RO water faucet. RO is available in South wall of Lab 118 where new sink will be installed (Figure 1). RO piping will start where accessible and run toward East wall then South through wall into Lab 122. Install a ball valve in RO piping where it enters Lab 122.
  5. North wall
    • East of door ? provide and install base cabinets from corner table to electrical outlet. Wall cabinets above base cabinets.
    • West of door ? no base cabinets or countertop (cart storage). No wall cabinets.
  6. West wall
    • Provide and install base cabinets from corner to outlet with full size sink (approximately 30 in x 18 in x 18 in deep) at existing drain. Sink shall have a RO water faucet, mixing water faucet, and eyewash. Peg board on the wall above the sink, approximately 30 in wide by 36 in high. No wall cabinets above the sink and base cabinets.
  7. South wall,
    • West of door ? Provide and install two floor cabinets with adjustable shelves as shown in Figure 1. Dimensions: 84 in high, 48 in wide, 21 in deep on South wall and 84 in high, 42 in wide, 21 deep on West wall.
    • East of door ? Provide and install base cabinets from corner table to 18 inches from door. Wall cabinets above base cabinets.
  8. Provide and install two or four mobile work benches with undermount cabinets similar to Figure 3. Cabinets will have doors and adjustable shelves. Total surface area will be approximately 5-ft by 8-ft.

Option Item : Provide materials, labor, equipment to remodel Laboratory 118

  1. Remove and dispose of all lights, base cabinets, wall cabinets, countertop, and floor tiles. Remove desk in NW corner. Countertop contains asbestos.
  2. Remove anchors and patch holes in walls where wall cabinets have been removed. Paint walls to match Lab 122.
  3. Remove and dispose of all plumbing for water, air, gas and vacuum where the new island will be installed.
  4. Install floor tile to match Lab 122.
  5. Install LED lights. Three rows of three. (same manufacturer and model as Lab 122).
  6. Install electric raceway above counter on East and South walls, except above the sink. Raceway will be similar as installed in Lab 122. All receptacles will be of the same color as raceway (ivory). Five receptacles on the East wall spaced approximately 3 ft apart starting 2 ft from South wall. Two receptacles on the South wall spaced approximately 3 ft apart starting 2 ft from East wall. Install GFI receptacles on each circuit that runs within 3¡¯ of sinks.(qty: 7 receptacles total, 1 will be GFI)
  7. Use ABS pipe to replace all drain pipes to the first fitting inside wall. Clear all cleanouts if a cleanout is accessible. Snake all drains.
  8. Install new base and wall cabinets on East and South walls. Corner table, similar to Figure 2, rather than base cabinet in SE corner. Corner wall cabinet with hinged door in SE corner.
  9. Install full sized sink (approximately 30 in x 18 in x 18 in deep) on the South wall near the door. Sink will have a RO water faucet, mixing water faucet, and eyewash. Install peg board above sink, approximately 30 in wide by 36 in high.
  10. Replace existing vacuum, compressed air, and gas pipe, valves and install ball valves where each pipe enters the room. Three valves total.
  11. Install 4.5 ft x 8 ft fixed island, 4 ft from the sink on the South wall. Island will have two, 48-inch base cabinets on each side with 10 in spacer for a 54-inch wide island. Install electrical outlets at two locations along the center of the island. Each outlet location will have two, duplex receptacles. Electricity supplied to the island by conduit from ceiling.

4.3 Description of Work:

  1. The Contractor will provide a turn-key project satisfying all Local, State, and Federal requirements.
  2. The Contractor will provide and install the necessary materials per Section 4.2. Contractor shall properly dispose of any trash or unused materials off-site.
  3. Contractor is responsible for any damage to adjacent equipment and miscellaneous objects that may become damaged during installation of the lighting. The Contractor is responsible for making repairs to meet or exceed conditions prior to damage.
  4. The Contractor is responsible for visiting the site prior to submitting a bid to observe existing conditions. No compensation will be provided for conditions that would be visible during an on-site visit for persons experienced performing this type of work.

4.4 Government Furnished Equipment\Services

  1. Government will be available to assist with the identification of possible other under- ground utilities but does not guarantee location of all utilities.
  2. Government will furnish a reasonable amount of electricity and water.


5.1 Permits: Where governing regulations and imposed codes and standards require notices, permits, licenses, inspections, tests, and similar items or actions in order to lawfully proceed with the required work, the Contractor shall obtain items and take those actions in accordance with the regulations of the governing authority. The costs of such permits, licenses, inspections, etc., are the obligation of the Contractor.

    1. Existing Installations / Demolition: Contractor shall modify existing installations as needed to accommodate the new installation. Contractor shall coordinate modification of existing installations with Government. All disturbances of existing systems shall be thoroughly coordinated with the Government to prevent disturbances that might jeopardize on-going operations and research. Government reserves the right to retain any equipment / materials removed as part of the scope of work. Contractor shall coordinate any equipment / materials to be retained with Government prior to starting demolition operations. Contractor shall legally dispose all any materials removed that will not be retained.

5.3 Installation: It shall be the responsibility of the Contractor to complete work in accordance with Federal, State, and Local Code Standards. Additional procedures and materials may be required than is indicated herein. If any item specified herein conflicts with the applicable codes and recommendations, the Contractor shall bring it to the attention of the Contracting Officer Representative for immediate resolution.

5.4 Submittals: Provide manufacturer¡¯s descriptive literature/shop drawings for all materials to the Location Monitor for review. The descriptive literature shall be annotated/ highlighted to show its conformance with contract requirements. Submittals are required for new materials and will be stamped and/or signed by the general contractor prior to submission to the Government. Contractor is responsible for any costs incurred for equipment ordered without prior approval.

5.5 Quality Control: The work performed under this contract shall be subject to continuous audit by the Location Monitor. Quality control is the exclusive responsibility of the Contractor.

5.6 Protection of Work and Property/Safety Requirements:

  1. Contractor shall furnish a Site Specific Safety Plan (SSSP) or Accident Prevention Plan (APP) ten days after contract award. SSSP / APP shall be approved by the Government before construction work commences.
  2. The Contractor shall protect the work, the site, and all existing property and structures within the limits of the construction activities or that may be affected thereby until acceptance of the work. Any damage to property shall be repaired at the Contractor¡¯s expense, to pre-damaged condition to the satisfaction of the Location Monitor.
  3. Safety and health matters, as they relate to the work, are the exclusive responsibility of the Contractor. The Contractor shall furnish, erect, and maintain barricades, warning lights, signs, guards, or take other precautions as may be required by law or local authorities of the protection and security.
  4. Contractor is responsible for verifying location of any underground utility and is responsible for any damaged caused to such utilities.

5.7 Temporary Facilities:

  1. Temporary utilities (water and electricity) may be furnished to the Contractor by the Government, if so requested. The Contractor shall maintain and protect all such utilities during the course of construction and shall repair or replace any items damaged through its own negligence.

  1. Should the Contractor require any power or utility shutdowns during construction, the Contractor shall obtain approval for such shutdown from the Location Monitor twenty-one (21) working days prior to the need.

5.8 Materials and Equipment:

  1. The material and equipment to be furnished under these contract documents shall be the standard products of manufacturers regularly engaged in the production of such materials and equipment and shall be the manufacturer¡¯s latest standard design.
  2. All materials and equipment to be incorporated in the work shall be handled and stored by the manufacturer, fabricator, supplies and Contractor before during and after shipment in a manner to prevent any injury, theft or damage of any kind to the materials and equipment. All materials and equipment furnished by the Contractor shall be subject to inspection and approval by the CO/Location Monitor.
  3. Government will not furnish any labor or equipment to unload or move materials or supplies.

5.9 Cleanup: The construction site shall be kept clean and free of debris at all times. Restore areas disturbed as nearly as possible to the original appearance and condition. Upon completion of the project, and prior to final inspection, the Contractor shall remove from the premises all unused material, trash, and debris resulting from the work to the satisfaction of the Location Monitor.

5.10 Warranty:

  1. Submit data concerning the standard one year warranty for workmanship, including the warranty periods (dates), and warranty contacts with names, addresses and telephone numbers.
  2. Extended Equipment/Product Warranties: Obtain and furnish to the Contracting Officer all written warranties for equipment/products that have extended warranties (warranty periods exceeding the standard one-year warranty) furnished under the contract. The warranty period shall begin on the same date as project acceptance and shall continue for the full/product warranty period. The warranties shall be fully executed and delivered to the Contracting Officer prior to final acceptance of the facility.

5.11 Final Payment/Contract Closeout: The following documents are REQUIRED PRIOR TO FINAL PAYMENT (other documents may also be required):

  1. General contractors minimum one (1) year warranty on work.
  2. Operation and Maintenance Data
  3. Release of liens.
  4. Final Invoice

6.0 PROJECT SCHEDULE: The Contract time for this project is 90 calendar days from Notice to Proceed.


While not required put highly recommended an organized site visit has been scheduled on 02/17/2021 @ 2:00pm. Participants will meet at:

3793 N. 3600 E.

Kimberly, ID 83341

Please contact Shane Swafford (shane.swafford@usda.gov) if planning to attend.

MAGNITUDE OF CONSTRUCTION: Between $ 100,000 and $250,000

Answers to questions received after the site visit see attachment : Additional Questions

Contact Information
Contracting Office Address
  • ALBANY , CA 94710
  • USA
Primary Point of Contact
Secondary Point of Contact


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